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Fitness is empowering.

Fitness is the awareness and education around physical strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall body composition. ZAKTi believes that we are all on a journey of individual growth and that growth is a continuous work in progress. We encourage, provide and look for ways to nourish our body on a daily basis via:

GROUP Sessions 

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ZAKTi offers a convenient schedule of innovative fitness + yoga classes that are designed to deliver fast and effective results.

Expect an individualized experience ensured by a 12 person max in our Group Training Sessions. Our highly-qualified specialists give personal attention and provide modifications to accommodate your needs and accelerate you toward your goals.

  • Unlimited Fitness Classes with Monthly Membership
    • All Levels. 50-Minutes. 1st Class Free.
    • Balanced. Sustainable. Intelligent.
  • Accommodating Class Schedule including built-in, goal based “Training Tracks” to help you accomplish your goals quickly and effectively.
  1. Performance Track 💪🏽 Build Strength, Power, Lean Muscle
  2. Weight Loss Track 👙 Shed Weight, Build Core, Gain Energy, Tone
  3. Energizer Track 💥 Balanced, Fit, Functional, Flexible
  4. Recovery Track ⚖ Therapeutics, Running Recovery, Perfect “off-day” Workout

EVENT / SERIES Schedule 

PRIVATE Sessions

Allow our highly-qualified specialists to deliver the perfect, customized workout regimen for you. By focusing on key details, motor sequencing, innovative movement techniques, you will achieve your fitness goals quickly, effectively, and comfortably.

PURCHASE Private Sessions


Strengthening the foundation of your body’s health and well-being is key to reaching your goal of looking good, feeling great, and functioning better. With hands-on Bodywork, our practitioners survey and assess your needs, and then use massage, manipulation, and other therapeutic techniques to address them. The goal is to get to the root of any pain, injury, or blockage that will keep you from moving forward in designing and reconstructing your body for optimal health.


Meet Pete Mattis- Guru for the Injury Prone; Best Pain Healer
What is (YAMUNA) Structural Bodywork


Nutrition is the intake of sustenance that determines utilization of nutrients to support a healthy mind and body. ZAKTi believes in delivering lifestyle solutions for health and wellness that results in a healthier you and a better world.

Nutritional / Cleanse Clients

Integrating a sound nutritional program into your essential to improving your complete well-being. If you’re ready to get lean, improve your overall health, and boost your everyday energy, it’s time to “spring clean” your body!

Whether your goals are:

– Weight Loss
– Energy
– Performance
– Healthy Aging…

ZAKTi has the solution for you!

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Community / Gallery / Installations

Send us a message with your event information including Date, Time, Event Description, Estimated # of Guests. We will get back to you within 24 hours.