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 ZAKTi is both proud and honored to offer the Complete Catalogue of Yamuna Services. Pete has worked closely with Yamuna over the last 5 years- studying directly with Yamuna herself.

The Yamuna Work is a pro-active solution to the effects of repetitive motion, tension, sports, sitting, and other activities, which create imbalance to the body’s natural alignment. Key joints in the body, hips, knees, ankles, and shoulders over time, begin to stiffen and range of motion becomes restricted.

These “structural “treatments:
– identify problem areas
– restore mobility
– resolve pain

Treatments are followed by Self Care Education Sessions- empowering the client to continue their individual self care protocol.

Monthly tune- ups (post Treatment + Self Care) recommended.

Private Hands On YAMUNA Sessions

Body Logic

A hands on treatment that begins to unlock and realign your musculoskeletal system from the level of bone. Identifies problem areas, restores mobility, resolves pain. To maximize the effectiveness of your Fitness Blueprint- begin with Body Logic. Begin to re-educate your muscles to move more effortlessly, painlessly and logically; move your body the way it is supposed to: freely and in perfect alignment.
In addition to Full Body sessions, we offer FOCUS sessions dedicated to: Feet / Hands / Skull / TMJ

Table Treatment

This treatment is done using hands on and specially designed massage balls. The practitioner works your body applying gentle traction out from joints down and around the massage balls stimulating and aligning bone and activating muscle resulting in greater range of motion in joints, a longer freer body, increased circulation and tone, and improved alignment.

We recommend this treatment for athletes to executives who travel and sit frequently as well people who are inactive. Professional athletes love this treatment as it improves their performances measurably. Anyone who is noticing restriction in their range of motion in their joints should try this therapy. Aging is no excuse for limits; in many cases proper motion can create flexibility and freedom.

Individual Hands on Body Rolling

A personalized treatment to free up restricted areas of your body and create space for better movement. An interactive approach, the practitioner guides you using massage balls and body weight to create the traction that promotes movement and release. This is a powerful self-fixing and maintenance tool.
In addition to Full Body sessions, we offer FOCUS sessions dedicated to:
– Feet “Foot Fitness”
– Skull “Face Ball”

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Small Group YAMUNA Sessions

SUPPLEMENT your Private Sessions with our:
Yamuna Group Sessions
Yamuna Events / Series