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Pete Mattis

Pete Mattis

I’m combining Proven Methods both studied and practiced over the last 20 years that deliver RESULTS- integrating them into a COMPLETE Health / Fitness / Wellness / Beauty “Method” from your Insides- Out. Pete Mattis

Pete Mattis is a formally trained architect who practiced in Philadelphia and NYC for 10 years. (During and) after leaving architecture, he logged thousands of hours of Formal Training in Yoga; Corrective / Exercise; Structural Body Work; and Meditation- studying with some of the world’s leading masters.

Applying an architectural perspective (integrating, aligning, restructuring from your skeleton- out) to Total Body Fitness- MATTIS developed ZAKTi – a Fitness / Lifestyle Method -dedicated to balanced and sustainable health, fitness & well being.

With over 20 years of practice and experience- Pete Mattis’ ZAKTi Method has helped thousands of people nationwide- and internationally. His ZAKTi Practitioner Training Program has trained and mentored several practitioners who have Successfully opened their own Private Training Studios.

– Recurring FOX TV Fitness Expert..
– Recognized in Allure, Zinc, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Style magazines…
– Voted top trainer by Philadelphia Style…
– Voted “America’s Top 100 Trainers” by Men’s Health…
Best of Philly 2016 “Best GURU for the Injury Prone” / “Best Pain HEALER”


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