A ZAKTi Success Story


ZAKTi stood out among other fitness options because they offered individualized training programs to meet my personal needs. Every student is assessed, trained, and monitored for progress.

I first came to see Pete on the recommendation of an acquaintance. I had been dealing with “acute tendinitis-related injuries” at my elbow stemming from 20+ years as a glassblowing artist. (I also enjoy high-impact recreational activities such as surfing, skateboarding, and martial arts.)

Having tried the conventional methods of recovery (sports med, cortisol injection, etc.), I was achieving very little and was prone to reinjury quite easily, making my setbacks overshadow my progress. These injuries began to hinder my work as a glassblower and subsequently, my livelihood.

I have always been willing to put in the work; however, I ran into the problem of where to put my efforts. This caused me lots of wasted time (and money) fruitlessly searching for recovery. I was spinning my wheels.

Training with Pete offered me a different perspective of being "fit and in shape." I gained an understanding of my body, my pain signals and how to address these signals with simple yet powerful exercise protocols. I understand my movement patterns and imbalances and how to address them, preventing reinjury.

Now, my path to optimal wellness is much more clear to me. My daily fitness habits are greatly influenced for the better by my time training with Pete.

ZAKTi by Pete Mattis is a personal training program designed to help you build your best body and live a pain-free life, serving clients in Philadelphia and beyond with both in-person and live remote instruction.