Combining an architectural background with a multidisciplinary wellness blueprint refined over 30 years, Pete Mattis' ZAKTi method can help you regain mobility, resolve pain, and build a sustainable foundation for fitness that gives you the freedom to live your life without limitations. Discover the architecture of well-being.

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Mobility is essential to movement. It sets the stage for reach, flexibility, strength, power, and performance. A lack of mobility limits your freedom to move, eventually causing discomfort, pain, and even injury. ZAKTi helps you unlock joints, relax muscles, and restore balance – making space in your body and building the ability to move unhindered.

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Whether you’re looking to run the Philadelphia Marathon, get after a weekend cycling class, or just make it up your third-floor walk-up without pain, it’s important to understand the three pillars of movement: the power of breath, key movement patterns, and individual limitations. We'll focus on posture, function, gait and conditioning.

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Once we've instilled the essentials of therapeutics and movement, it's time for your daily practice. Consistent practice via individual and/or group sessions helps you build healthy movement habits and patterns that integrate smoothly into your everyday life, allowing you the freedom to achieve anything, anytime, anywhere.

The ZAKTi Method

ZAKTi is an architectural approach to building your best body.

Just like a building, a body is only as strong as its weakest link, and a structural failure in one place can spread quietly over time, affecting other areas. Whether you want to build a long-lasting building or a long-lasting body, you need a strong foundation, efficiently functioning systems, and comprehensive upkeep.

This isn’t just personal training. It isn’t just yoga. It isn’t just pilates. It isn’t just meditation. It isn't just massage. But it draws on aspects of all those disciplines and more, combining them into a single package we call ZAKTi – the Sanskrit word for energy, strength, power and potential.

Building fitness is important, and for a lot of ZAKTi clients, it’s the end goal. But for many people, it’s hard to start a workout regimen – and harder still to keep up with one if you aren’t taking a comprehensive approach. Too often, in our drive for results, we skip some of the most important steps in the process, with predictable outcomes. How many of us have started a gym routine that was going well for a month or two, only to be derailed by an injury suffered while working out? 

It’s those hiccups, those false starts and sudden stops, those obstacles standing between you and wellness that ZAKTi exists to eliminate.

Together, we’re going to build you a rock-solid foundation of balance, flexibility and functionality from head to toe. We’ll undertake a journey of self-discovery – identifying and unlocking the tight muscles that are preventing you from moving freely. We’ll perfect your form before you ever lift a weight. And then, with that foundation in place, we’ll build you a body that looks good, feels good, and stays that way for years to come.

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Meet Pete Mattis

Formally trained as an architect, Pete practiced for years in Philadelphia and New York, building luxury residences across the United States.

At the same time, he began exploring how to optimize his own physical health, which led him to study with some of the world’s leading teachers in movement, structural bodywork, meditation, and personal development.

That path led him to change careers and create ZAKTi Life – a personal performance company dedicated to building happy, healthy, high-performing humans.

Pete's work is dedicated to restoring mobility, resolving pain, and building a proper foundation for fitness. In the process, he helps his clients reorganize their bodies, improve their posture, and rehabilitate injuries both old and new.

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Training with Pete offered me a different perspective of being "fit and in shape." I gained an understanding of my body, my pain signals and how to address these signals.

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I've increased lean, toned muscle and balance. ... I’ve developed body awareness, alignment, and the ability to self-diagnose incorrect movement patterns.

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Within a few weeks of ZAKTi education, breath work and exercise, my back pain subsided entirely. That was only the beginning of my journey with him.

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Pete showed me that the body works as a whole and that injuries and deficiencies can be healed by looking at all the parts, not necessarily where pain is presenting.

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I've increased lean, toned muscle and balance. ... I’ve developed body awareness, alignment, and the ability to self-diagnose incorrect movement patterns.

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ZAKTi by Pete Mattis is a personal training program designed to help you build your best body and live a pain-free life, serving clients in Philadelphia and beyond with both in-person and live remote instruction.