A ZAKTi Success Story


Pete has a holistic approach to movement and health. I was able to see results and diminish my pain. He even created a personalized self-care program for me using small massage balls to address areas of stiffness and pain throughout my whole body – including my feet!

The personalized nature of Pete's instruction emphasizes form rather than number of repetitions or heavy weights. Pete believes in education. I learned how to move correctly and to monitor my own movements for adjustment. He provided modifications to account for my limitations brought about by years of overuse and abuse at other gyms. With his help, I've been able to overcome pain and improve my limited range of motion.

I've increased lean, toned muscle and balance. I’ve decreased body fat, stiffness, pain. I’ve developed body awareness, alignment, and the ability to self-diagnose incorrect movement patterns.

I honestly believe that without Pete's virtual interactive classes, I could not have survived the spring / summer of 2020 and COVID-19. He was always available and supportive through Zoom, email, and texting. I was not only able to survive, but to thrive with his encouragement and caring.

Pete brings individualized attention and passion to his instruction. I feel that I'm more than just a client; he honestly cares about each one of the people he works with.

Thinking of working with Pete? Just do it! You will be so happy that you did.

ZAKTi by Pete Mattis is a personal training program designed to help you build your best body and live a pain-free life, serving clients in Philadelphia and beyond with both in-person and live remote instruction.