A ZAKTi Success Story


When I first got injured from strength training 4-5 years ago, I tried chiropractors, acupuncture, and sports massage to try and fix my problems. I avoid doctors when possible; a friend recommended I see Pete. His understanding of the body as whole was impressive. He showed me that the body works as a whole and that injuries and deficiencies can be fixed and healed by looking at all the parts, not necessarily where pain is presenting. Severe pain that I had been experiencing for months was finally eased after just 2 sessions with him.  

Pete's energy and passion for his practice, as well as his understanding of how I use my body, how my injuries happen, and how to best fix, prevent and rehab, are all the things that have always led me back to him when I'm having issues. Having someone really understand what my body is doing and how to fix it makes me incredibly happy!

I recommend Pete Mattis' ZAKTi  to every single person who tells me that they have an injury / pain that won't go away, or who needs help understanding functional movement. If it's related to a problem with muscles, joints, tendons, bone, etc., I tell them to go see Pete, that he will fix them.

Pete really takes the time to understand you, your needs and your limits. He listens and he hears you. He wants you to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. He's also pretty funny, and you will smile a lot when you are with him. You will leave a happier, healthier person than when you walked in.

ZAKTi by Pete Mattis is a personal training program designed to help you build your best body and live a pain-free life, serving clients in Philadelphia and beyond with both in-person and live remote instruction.